Technical grape varieties: description, features and purpose


Technical grape varieties are intended for processing into wine materials and making juices. Such varieties are balanced in sugar content and acidity, which makes them popular for winemaking.

Features and purpose

Technical grape varieties form quite edible and attractive berries, which differ from the more widespread table sizes and chemical composition. The weight of a bunch of grapes of such varieties will not be too large. Moreover, Technical grapes are characterized by a high proportion of berry juice, the amount of which can be 83-85% of the volume of ripe berries. The characteristics of such varieties are unpretentiousness, as well as even not too high, but stable productivity. Many gardeners successfully cultivate technical grapes on personal plots and garden plots with a purely decorative purpose.

Among the newest and most modern varieties of industrial grapes, both domestic and foreign selection, there are several that stand out favorably with good taste qualities, as well as high winter hardiness - up to -29-30 ° C. The variety is recommended to be selected for specific purposes or according to the requirements of the produced wine products.

Technical varieties are very easily and quickly propagated by various methods, including grafting, and are also characterized by rapid growth in the first years after planting.

Care Features

When cultivating technical grape varieties, plant care activities are less labor intensive. Very often, the cultivation of such varieties is almost completely mechanized, so cultivation can be carried out on an industrial scale. The grape’s immunity to major diseases and pests can reduce the use of chemicals, which makes berry products more healthy and environmentally friendly.

Technical varieties are grown by amateur gardeners and professional winegrowers in almost all geographical areas, but the most widespread in the southern regions. The cultivation of such grapes is very important for the Krasnodar Territory and the Black Sea basin.

Technical grape varieties (video)

The best white varieties

White varieties are more in demand by consumers and are widely cultivated for white wines, as well as for selection. The harvest is good for the production of nutmeg sparkling wines, as well as high-quality branded juice.

The best black varieties

Black grapes are used not only in fresh, but also in processed form, for the preparation of table and dessert sweet wines. The rich content of tannins and dyes allows the use of varieties in the production of blending juices and wine.

The best red varieties

Pink and red coloring of berries of technical grape varieties gives an attractive appearance to the harvested crop and makes it more popular both with wine producers and fresh. Berries are used to make high-quality, floral aromas, dry and sparkling wines.

Reviews of winegrowers

The intensity of the color of the berries is directly dependent on the location of the plantings. On the southern slopes, grapes have a more intense color. Some technical varieties are characterized by the presence of a specific taste and aroma, which should be taken into account when growing.

The relatively new Clone of the Pink Traminer called Gewurztraminer deserved the highest praise and many positive reviews. In addition to high yield, this technical grape is characterized by a good accumulation of sugar and a beautiful color, which makes it possible to obtain wine with a bright aroma of rose, Chinese lychee and a very pronounced, saturated hue.

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According to amateur gardeners and beginning winegrowers, it is technical varieties that easily tolerate mistakes in care, and the presence of good pollination allows even under adverse weather and soil conditions to receive annual stable fruiting.