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Choose potato varieties for different regions of Russia


Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) is one of the most popular crops in the diet of most Russians. However, growing it is not so simple: you need to choose the right variety, taking into account the conditions of the region of residence and based on consumer reviews.

The best varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region

Moscow Region is an area where growing potatoes is a risky activity. You can plant here only those varieties that meet certain requirements:

  • are early or late-early (late varieties do not have time to ripen in the suburbs);
  • adapted to the lands of the region;
  • germinate during warming and germination;
  • have resistance to any disease.

The best of these varieties are:

  1. Priekulsky early (Priekule). Refers to table varieties, characterized by early ripening, resistance to cancerous lesions. Tubers of white color, are perfectly stored, have excellent taste. The variety is perfectly adapted to the conditions of the Moscow region. Harvesting takes place in July, the yield is 1.7-2.5 kg per sq.m.
  2. Early rose (Consurgens diluculo). A table variety with early ripening. It is considered one of the most productive. The tubers are elongated, white with a pinkish tinge. Due to its excellent taste characteristics, the variety is very popular in the Russian Federation.
  3. Falensky (Falen). Early ripe variety, universal in use. The variety is resistant to cancer. The tubers are oval in shape, with white flesh and a pleasant taste. Harvesting takes place in July; productivity reaches 1.2 kg per m2. Potatoes are well stored.
  4. Penza early maturing (Penza rareripe). Table variety, characterized by early ripeness and versatility in use. Tubers of an oval form, excellent taste. Keeping quality is excellent.
  5. Children’s (Detskoselskiy). Middle early table variety. It is characterized by good resistance to cancer. Fruits of a beautiful oval form, color white with a pink shade.
  6. Ostara (lat Ostara). Early ripening variety, resistant to viral lesions. Tubers are oblong, with a yellowish tinge. Taste characteristics of root crops are excellent. Harvested in August: up to 35 root crops with a total weight of at least 1 kg are obtained from the bush. The culinary features are amazing.

How to prepare tubers for planting (video)

The best varieties of potatoes for the North-West of Russia

In the North-West of Russia, potatoes are actively grown. But to get a rich harvest, it is necessary not only to observe agricultural technology, but also to choose the right variety.

The following varieties are optimal for this region:

  1. The wizard (Et magos). Used since 2000. Mid-early variety, flowering abundant. The tubers are light, weighing 180-200 g, with a starch content of 18-22%. The pulp is white, easy to digest. Tubers persist even with severe drought. Resistance to viruses is above average.
  2. League (Foedus). Root crops are oval, with small eyes. The taste is wonderful. The starch content is 16-19%. Resistance to cancer is excellent, to late blight - medium. Since 2005, the variety has been in state trials.
  3. Fairy tale (Fairy fabula). Mid early variety. The flowers are lilac with white edges. Root crops are oval, with small spots. The concentration of starch is 14-17%. The pulp is white, does not boil too much. Cultivation is simple. High-yielding: from one bush you can get up to 30 potatoes. Grows on loamy soil, does not like heavy watering. Resistant to late blight, various viruses.
  4. Scarlet Sail (Coccino velum). Mid early variety. Root vegetables are pink, with small eyes. Creamy flesh with a pleasant aroma, excellent taste. Variety suitable for cooking and mashed potatoes. Well kept. Cultivation is simple. Resistance to late blight, cancer and golden nematode is high, to viruses - medium. Since 2007, the variety has been preparing for transfer to the state trials.
  5. Danae (Danae). Mid-early universal grade. The concentration of starch is 15-18%. The tubers have a shortened oval, slightly flattened, shape. Creamy flesh, poor digestibility. The species is resistant to cancer, and resistance to viral diseases is not so high.

Optimal varieties of potatoes for the Crimea

In Crimea, you can get two crops in the summer. Therefore, preference should be given to varieties with early ripening.

The most popular varieties are:

  1. Nevsky early (Carmina Burana mane). Variety with excellent dining characteristics and a ripening period of 90 days. Productivity - up to 450 kg per hundred square meters. Keeping quality is excellent. The tubers are rounded with many eyes.
  2. Aubrius (Obriy). Country of origin - Ukraine. Early ripe variety: fruiting occurs after 55 days. It is steady against a nematode.
  3. Slav (Slav). Matures in 130 days. Bushes of medium height, flowering abundant. The tubers are large, tasty. Creamy flesh, starch concentration - about 13%. It is stored well.
  4. Povin (Povin). Early ripe variety with excellent taste. Bushes are tall, leaves are small in size, root crops are oval in shape. The proportion of starch is up to 17%. Excellent cancer resistance.
  5. Crimean rose (Crimean Rose). Excellent resistance to late blight. Root crops are well boiled.

The best varieties of potatoes for Udmurtia

Udmurtia is characterized by weather with a variable climate in the summer. Therefore, cultivated potato varieties must be resistant to rot and rain.

The following varieties are recommended:

  1. Vineta (Vineta). German variety giving a good harvest: up to 15 tubers from one bush. The weight of one root crop reaches 500 g. The variety is resistant to disease. It does not require hilling and fertilizing.
  2. Sarovsky (Sarov). Promising variety, on sale since 2014. The skin color can change from cream to red and vice versa for several years. The species is resistant to the nematode, high humidity and drought.

The best varieties of potatoes for the Perm region

The climatic conditions of the Perm Territory are considered one of the best for the cultivation of potatoes. But for this region it is necessary to choose the right variety. The best varieties:

  1. Nikita (Nikita). Root vegetables are yellow, oval. The starch content is up to 18%. Mid-early table grade, with high commercial qualities. Maturation occurs in 107 days.
  2. Pogarsky (Pogarsky). An early ripe potato with excellent taste. The bush is medium height, the tubers are oval. The variety is resistant to the causative agent of cancer, but is often invaded by a nematode. The maximum yield is 370 c / ha.
  3. Gala (Gala). Early ripening high-yielding grade. Suitable for growing in any region of the Russian Federation. Taste characteristics are excellent.
  4. Agave (Agave). Early grade. The tubers are oval. They are well stored and do not darken; after cooking they do not change color. Keeping quality is excellent. The appearance of shoots is friendly.

The best varieties of potatoes for the Kuban

In the conditions of the Kuban it is important to use high-quality planting material, which will guarantee that for several years you will receive an excellent crop.

It should be noted that some varieties previously popular in the Kuban, for example, Mike, have already degenerated. They were replaced by new varieties that are perfect for the climatic features of the region.

  1. Luck (Fortuna). Mid-early variety, forming large root crops, covered with white-yellow skin, with creamy flesh. Productivity is quite high - up to 2.5 kg per bush. The variety is resistant to mechanical stress.
  2. Zhukovsky (Zhukovsky). An early variety, almost does not form small tubers. Resistant to disease. The peel is pinkish, the flesh is white, the palatability is excellent.
  3. Enchantress (Auguratricis). Bred by breeders from Russia. A particularly good variety for sandy soil. Ripening period is defined as average. The species is not afraid of drought and heat. The peel of the potatoes is white and pink, the eyes are reddish. The taste is good, the flesh is white, tender. Weakly affected by such a pest as the Colorado potato beetle.

The secrets of growing potatoes (video)

All of the above varieties of potatoes have proved themselves well and give a plentiful harvest, and their characteristics are confirmed in practice.