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Quick and delicious strawberry desserts without baking


Strawberries are a very tasty and healthy berry. Of course, you can eat it like that. But strawberry desserts are no less healthy and very varied. There are so many options that there will be plenty of recipes for the whole strawberry season. Nor will they ever bother. Given the fact that strawberry season is in the summer, the best options for desserts from fragrant berries can be goodies without baking. This is true in the heat, especially since in this case their beneficial substances are more fully preserved in berries.

Refreshing desserts for kids

These desserts are especially loved by kids. They are delicious and very healthy.

Strawberry ice cream

To prepare 6 servings, you need 2 cups of berries, 3 tablespoons of sugar, which can be replaced with honey, and a glass of yogurt. Dessert can be made from both fresh and frozen strawberries.

Cooking sequence:

  1. The berries are covered with sugar and chopped until smoothie.
  2. Then add yogurt and mix everything.
  3. The berry mass is laid out in silicone molds, sticks are sticked in the middle and sent to the freezer for 6 hours.

Strawberry sorbet

It is prepared from strawberry puree obtained in a similar way. You can add lemon juice to it. It can be frozen in one form, where the mass is poured with a thin layer. In the first three hours, you need to mix the treat three times with a fork, taking it out of the freezer. This is achieved by its saturation with oxygen. And then leave it in the freezer overnight.

In the morning, make balls from the frozen mass with a spoon and, when putting them on plates, decorate them with pieces of fresh berries. If sugar is replaced with honey, the fruit puree will be softer and it will be easier to form balls from it.

Strawberry cashew

For 4 servings, you need half a glass of almonds, dates, coconut milk, twice as much strawberries and cashew nuts, 1-2 lemons, a little salt, 2 tablespoons of honey.

Make dessert like this:

  • almonds with dates are crushed with a blender, mixed with salt;
  • tightly placed in the form, covering its bottom with cling film - this is the first layer of dessert;
  • cashews, with lemon juice, honey and coconut milk are mixed until creamy and 2/3 of the resulting mass is laid out as a second layer;
  • berries are added to the remainder and laid on top of previous layers;
  • the cake is frozen for several hours, and before serving, the treat is rearranged from the freezer to the refrigerator.

Cake "Ease": recipe (video)

Garden strawberries with filling for children and adults

There are several instant desserts that will not leave indifferent even the most capricious and picky children:

Stuffed strawberries

Per kilogram of selected and the same size of berries you will need:

  • 250 grams of cottage cheese curds;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • some vanilla and grated chocolate for decoration.

For adults, instead of curd cheese, you can use Philadelphia cheese.

The technology for preparing this treat is simple:

  • cut each berry with the letter "X";
  • beat cottage cheese, sugar and vanilla into a cream and fill it with cut berries;
  • sprinkle with grated chocolate on top.

With cream and chocolate

In addition to strawberries, you need cream, chocolate and a little orange juice (adults can replace it with liquor). Chocolate and cream are separately heated to 40 degrees, mixed with juice. The top of the berries is cut out and filled with a cooled chocolate-cream mixture.

With cream cheese

A mixture is prepared from whipped cream with sugar, cream cheese is added there. Then, similarly to the previous recipe, berries are stuffed. It is better to do this with a pastry bag or syringe. This dessert is good to serve with honey and fried walnuts.

Festive non-baked strawberry desserts

When you enjoyed plenty of fresh strawberries, but you want to cook something tasty with it to please yourself and your guests, you can choose one of the following recipes.

Cake with cottage cheese


  • dry breakfast, oatmeal or crushed cookies, - 2 glasses;
  • 2 cups of strawberries;
  • 300 grams of fat cottage cheese and as much fruit yogurt;
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar;
  • gelatin - 1 pack.

First, we dilute gelatin according to the instructions on the package. Then we put in the form a dry base with a small amount of melted butter and sugar. On top of this, spread the strawberries cut in half tightly. Pour the whipped mixture of cottage cheese, yogurt and melted gelatin onto the berries. We put it in the refrigerator. Then we decorate the delicacy with strawberries or chocolate.

Strawberry Souffle

For it, you need 300 g of strawberries, 2 tablespoons of gelatin and a glass of cream. Gelatin is diluted with water, dissolved in a water bath. Strawberries are chopped with a blender. Cream whipped with sugar. All components are mixed, poured in molds and sent to the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Fresh Strawberry Pudding

A third of a glass of water is mixed with 3 tablespoons of sugar, boiled for a couple of minutes, a glass of strawberries is added there. Everything is boiled for another 10 minutes. The berries are mashed with a fork, and a glass of chopped fresh strawberries is added to them. The mixture is poured into a bowl and cooled.

In a glass with a quarter of milk, 2 tablespoons of gelatin are poured. After 10 minutes, a vanilla bean is added to this mixture. All these ingredients are heated in a saucepan over a fire until the gelatin dissolves. Then 2 cups of buttermilk pour in there, vanilla is removed. The mass laid out in molds is placed in the refrigerator until it solidifies. Strawberry jam is poured into each of them before serving.

We also offer you to learn how to cook appetizing dumplings with strawberries.

Delivery options and storage rules

Serving strawberry desserts without baking, You should use all the advantages of combining such colors as:

  • bright red strawberries;
  • green sprigs of mint;
  • white or brown chocolate.

These are the primary colors of numerous compositions. You can add other contrasting fruits: mango, kiwi, peach, blueberries and others. Together they look great. Their taste range is varied and rich.

Desserts can be served in transparent glasses when multi-colored layers are visible. You can make various figures from them, using silicone molds before hardening. And then put on a tray or a wide plate these sweets of different shapes and colors.

As one of the options for an interesting serving of goodies, you can consider the following:

  • dessert is laid out with a 3-5 cm layer on a large plate in the form of strawberries, decorated with slices of berries on top;
  • from the branches of mint a resemblance of a ponytail is made;
  • such a dessert can be put on a plate in the form of a turret and decorate in the same way as in the previous case.

Curd dessert with strawberries (video)

These delicacies are not stored for long. Better eat them fresh. For this, it is worth calculating the required number of them. You can cook many of them quickly. Therefore, do not immediately make a large portion, because the next day the treats will lose their appearance and taste.

Non-baked strawberry desserts are a great addition to fresh berries. They are always relevant: in summer - from fresh berries, and in winter - from frozen. Everyone loves them, the kids are especially happy with them. These are delicious and healthy dishes for every day and on special occasions.