When and how to plant dahlias: the secrets of experienced gardeners


For gardening enthusiasts in the spring, the question may arise when to plant dahlias. However, it must be mentioned that these flowers necessarily grow before planting. That is, they are planted in a special greenhouse until the first green sprout appears. After this, tubers can be planted as the owner of the private sector decides. But it is necessary to observe the distance between the tubers, which should be at least 30 cm. 2 pcs are allowed to be planted, but before flowering, the weakest sprout must be removed (using garden scissors or secateurs). So, how to plant a dahlia?

When and how is dahlia growing

Dahlias begin to germinate in April, when the days become more or less warm. (average temperature is about 8-12 ° C). The easiest way is to dig a small trench (depth - in the bayonet of a shovel), and drop dahlias there without any pretreatment. Density is high. From above, all this is covered with loose soil, mulch (ordinary hay or sawdust) and covered with a film. The first sprouts of dahlia tubers are released after about 2 weeks. Prior to this period, you need to carefully ensure that the sun does not get excessive amounts of sun - it can burn. If necessary, they are covered not with a film, but with agrofibre, which in its structure is similar to a woven web. Watering is not needed. As a rule, spring moisture in the soil is more than enough.

Further, the roots and bulbs are completely dug out (this should be done with extreme caution), washed with water, and separated with a knife into small tubers. They, in fact, are already ready for landing. Planting is recommended in late April - early May. In this case, you need to monitor the average temperature at night. Dahlias will not die of light frosts, but if the temperature drops to -3 ° C, even tubers will wither. This should be feared.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to plant dahlias in April. You must be guided by the weather, as well as the average daily temperature. Dahlia tubers are guaranteed to survive if the soil is warmed up to at least 10 ° C. Even with frosts, the earth will not be able to cool to a minus indicator during the night, and this is important.

Planting a plant in a flowerbed

The second question is how to plant dahlias. A hole is made under each tuber, approximately 40x40x40 cm. 2 kg of manure mixed with soil, 20 g of mineral fertilizer are laid in it.

Agronomists and flower growers recommend laying enriched soil at the bottom of the pit, and pour another small layer of earth on top.

And only then does the flower itself land. This is done in order to prevent the "burning" of the tuber. But when planting dahlias, you need to navigate the weather. It is advisable that the soil is sufficiently moistened for this period.

The sprout itself is required:

  • sprinkled with ash (after burning wood);
  • 2-3 liters of warm water are poured (at least 10 ° C);
  • covered with a layer of mulch (retains moisture and protects the soil from frost);
  • breaks through (in the event that more than 1 tuber was planted in a hole).

When watching a video (PICTURE 1), it will become more clear what and how to do when landing. Next, you can capture the work on the video. In general, it is advisable to do this every day. Then a comparison is made. If new sprouts appeared within 12 days, the landing was successful. If the sprouts did not appear even after 21 days, then the tuber is replaced.

How to plant dahlias (video)

Now, having figured out how to plant dahlias, gardeners will not have problems with landscaping the land with these beautiful flowers. Tubers should be hidden for storage after the leaves are wilted, approximately in October-November (depending on the region). In this case, the bulb is cut off from the leaves, stem.