Dahlias "Funny Guys": features of planting and care


In order to understand what Dahlias are Fun guys, planting and care, a photo of them, it will be enough to familiarize yourself with this material. The photo reveals in detail all the beauty of the plant. The basic rule that must be followed during cultivation is proper care. An important role in this case is played by the time when landing occurs.

Seedling preparation

Dahlias Fun guys are considered an annual variety, so there is no need to care for flowers in the winter. Many gardeners often wonder about the growth period, how to plant, and what is better to use as fertilizer. As for sowing seedlings, most often this happens in April and late March. This time is considered the most suitable among many experienced gardeners.

Fertile land is the main factor that affects the proper germination of flowers. If this is possible, it is best to use peat for these purposes.

If there are no other analogues, then you need to look for the land where nettle grows. For planting seeds this will be a great solution.

Before planting seedlings, the land must be properly cultivated. In this case, disinfection is carried out: you need to shed everything with a solution of potassium permanganate. Such procedures should be carried out approximately 3 days before planting. If growing from seeds occurs, this step is quite important, as improper processing affects the final result.

If there is no suitable container for seeds, then plastic boxes may well come up. These are often used in the packaging of various cakes. In the container you need to put the earth (moistened), then spread the seeds of the flowers and fill it with a small layer of sand. Instead of sand, you can use the earth.

It is important that the temperature in the room with seedlings is approximately 25ºะก, otherwise shoots may not appear. Germination can be seen on about 5 days.

For planting seedlings, you can use small plastic glasses, which are sold in every supermarket. The advantage of this option can be called that the ripening of plants occurs much faster than in boxes. Watering should be done if the soil has become dry. Liquid fertilizers are excellent for top dressing, you need to do this procedure every 10 days.

Dahlias Funny guys: landing in the open ground (video)

Plants in the ground

It is known that many plants are afraid of the cold. In this case, the Dahlia Merry Guys was no exception. A transplant into the soil should be done in June. Some gardeners prefer to engage in such a process in May. Dahlia Cheerful guys are much more comfortable in the greenhouse. Place the plant in the greenhouse before planting.

Dahlia Flowers Cheerful guys cannot grow normally in a cold or damp environment. If you place the plant in such an environment, the extension of the roots begins.

Soil preparation should be done in the autumn. To do this, you can use manure or humus.

When creating a pit for sowing, you need to take care of the right fertilizer for the plants. It can be the same manure, ash and nitrophos. The distance between plants should not be less than 20 cm. In case of planting a tall variety, a distance of 40 cm must be observed.

Top dressing and flowering period

Dahlia Cheerful guys do not need frequent feeding. Some gardeners fertilize the plant after 10 days. Others prefer an interval of 15 days. Basically, flowers need this procedure 3 times throughout the entire life cycle.

Ammonium nitrate or mullein is often used for such purposes. When top dressing is performed a second time, it is better to turn to the option with superphosphate. In many cases, potassium salt is used. For the last stage of feeding, organic fertilizers are used. It is during this period that flowering occurs. In case of overfeeding the dahlia with nitrogen, abundant and lush flowers will not appear.

Flowering varieties Cheerful guys occurs after 90 days after sowing. As for the duration of this period, here everything happens for a long time. As soon as autumn frosts begin, flowering stops.

The correct formation of the bush affects the abundance of flowers. Care during this period should be correct.

If the plant is tall enough, then flowering will occur somewhat later. In case of small growth, you can pinch the lateral and main shoots. When the flowering period has passed, it is necessary to properly remove the inflorescences. Several can be left to receive seeds in the future.

Such flowers look great on the flowerbed, next to the borders, they can decorate the garden and the plot.

How to care

After seedlings are transplanted into the soil, it is necessary to ensure proper care. First of all, you need to deal with the removal of weeds that germinate quickly enough.

Mulch or sawdust is well suited to cover the area around the bush itself. Watering should be plentiful, at least once a week. This process should continue until August. If the street is very hot, then you can spray the plants a little. When the end of August came, watering Dahlias Cheerful guys need less often. In this case, it is necessary to focus on weather conditions.

During the formation of greenery, complex fertilizers can be used. At the end of June there is a flowering period.

To affect the flowering process and the proper formation of the plant, experts recommend sticking to the following tips:

  • cut off stepsons, this process applies to tall varieties;
  • to increase stability during wind, it is better to use pegs;
  • ripened seeds should be stored in paper bags;
  • during freezing, flowers must be covered.

If you follow the proper care, during flowering on the bushes will be lush and bright flowers.

To familiarize yourself with this variety in more detail, you can view photos that show various options for this type of dahlia. A feature can be called not only splendor, but also the brightness of this type of plant.

How to deal with pests

Often plants are susceptible to attack by pests, and cheerful guys are no exception. Therefore, the question of how and how to protect the flowers must be approached with special responsibility.

To do this, it is recommended that each autumn period devote some time to digging the soil, which will reduce the number of pests.

The method of liming is also quite an effective method in the fight against the problem.

If you do not deal with the elimination and reduction of insects, caterpillars and various beetles, troubles may arise in the formation of the plant itself. The tops become wilted, the buds are no longer so healthy, the lower part lends itself to a process of deformation.

The problem of dahlias is often enough fungal diseases. In this case, the plant is severely damaged, brown spots begin to appear on the leaves.

Dahlias Fun Guys: Planting Seeds (video)

If the shoots began to fade, and spots began to form on the stems, then the plant was struck by white rot. This is a fairly common disease, in the fight against which you need to use biological additives and various preventive formulations. In order for plant care to be correct, it is necessary to observe the correct technology for growing and processing, to prepare and fertilize the soil. All this affects the growth and formation of dahlias. Cheerful guys, who during the flowering period can decorate a flower bed or dilute the home garden with bright colors.