Strawberry "Kamarosa": one of the best industrial varieties


Camarosa is an early American strawberry variety that was obtained by California breeders and has been cultivated by gardeners for more than twenty years. The variety is optimal for growing in greenhouses. In a temperate continental climate, this variety has established itself as a mid-early variety with moderate productivity. Experts recommend this variety for cultivation in the warm, southern regions. Garden strawberry "Kamarosa" was repeatedly used as a parent plant in the cultivation of new varieties.

Grade characteristics

Garden strawberry called “Kamarosa” is a short-day variety that is not popular in our country and forms powerful plants with stable yields. Productivity of a grade subject to the requirements of agricultural technology is high. Each strawberry bush forms a large number of ovaries. Berries have an attractive conical shape, large and even in size.

The surface of the berry is bright red, with a pronounced sheen in the sun. The pulp has sufficient density, but juicy and tender, with strawberry flavor. FROMOrth "Camarosa" compares favorably with high rates of transportability of the harvested crop and good marketability of ripe berries. In addition, plants have a very low susceptibility to damage by berry gray rot.

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Landing requirements

Strawberry varieties "Kamarosa" grows well in areas with a predominance of sandy and sandy loamy soils. The basis for obtaining high yields is the following recommendations when planting:

  • the most suitable precursors for strawberries are onions, carrots, beets, legumes, marigolds, oats, rye, lupine, dill and garlic;
  • the optimal soil composition for the cultivation of this variety of garden strawberries is represented by sand, clay, limestone and organic matter in a ratio of 5: 2: 1.5: 0.5;
  • in order not to reduce the indicators of planting illumination and facilitate the care of plants, it is advisable to use the layout of seedlings in a single-line way with a distance of 30-35 cm when planting;

  • the best yield is recorded when growing this berry culture on ridges using agrofibre;
  • if strawberry growing technology without agrofibre is used, it is recommended to mulch organics after planting.

The variety is very heat-loving and does not have sufficient frost resistance, therefore, by the beginning of the winter period, it is imperative to carry out high-quality mulching and sheltering of the plantings after sanitary pruning of the leaves, feeding and spraying with insect-fungicides are carried out.

Care Features

Strawberry "Kamarosa" refers to a fairly demanding variety, capable of high productivity and long-term fruiting only with competent and high-quality care. Garden strawberries on the plots of one of the first among berry crops wakes up after hibernation and immediately requires attention:

  • after removing all plant debris from strawberry ridges in spring, loosen the soil between the rows carefully, but carefully so as not to damage the root system of plants;
  • about ten days before the beginning of mass flowering, it is necessary to conduct the most thorough treatment of all strawberry bushes with the highly effective modern Neoron drug;
  • irrigation with warm water needs to be supplemented with top dressing, and after irrigation, loosening the soil in the ridges should be carried out;
  • strawberry bushes do not tolerate thickening and poorly tolerate the presence of weeds on ridges, so weeding should be regular.

The mustache formed at the bushes of garden strawberries must be removed in a timely manner, during the summer period this procedure should be performed approximately 3-4 times.

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Gardeners reviews

Strawberries called "Kamarosa" are quite unpretentious, and with good care it is also very fruitful. A small amount of mustache is formed on the bushes, which facilitates the care of the plant, but complicates its breeding. The variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses and open ground.

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"Camarosa" refers to the few varieties of garden strawberries that are able to withstand long-term transportation without loss of quality of berries. This variety has received very high praise and positive feedback from both amateur gardeners and farmers involved in professional cultivation of berries for sale.