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The best early varieties of tomatoes 2019 for open ground in different regions of Russia


Tomatoes (Solánum lycopérsicum) - annual or perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Solanum, or Solanum, from the Solanum family, or Solanaceae. For many years, tomato is a very popular and popular vegetable crop.

Characteristics of varieties for open ground

When choosing a variety or hybrid form for cultivation in the open field, preference should be given to early, preferably standard, tomatoes, which do not need pinching and are characterized by the compactness of the bush.

It should be noted that some determinant and semi-determinant hybrid forms and varieties, bred primarily for open ground, perfectly bear fruit in a greenhouse or greenhouse. Moreover, indeterminate tomatoes derived for greenhouses are known, which demonstrate good yield in the garden.

The best varieties for open ground

A careful selection of a variety of tomatoes for planting is very important, as some grow better and bear fruit in the open air, while for others it is important to have a protected greenhouse soil.

Undersized tomatoes

Unpretentious, optimally suitable for beginners and inexperienced vegetable growers and, subject to agricultural technology, manage to give a good harvest before the onset of a cold snap. It is these tomatoes that belong to the category of early ripe. Inflorescences on stunted tomatoes are laid after the first five leaves, and plant growth is limited to the last inflorescence.

Tall large tomatoes

Gardeners are attracted by their productivity and the duration of fruiting. Very popular, but require increased attention.

New varieties (“Big Mommy” and others)

Almost every year new hybrid forms are introduced that combine the best quality characteristics, excellent taste, yield, and increased resistance to the most harmful and common diseases.

Sweet hybrids

Taste qualities of ripe fruits play an important role in choosing a variety. Most often, vegetable growers and summer residents prefer tomatoes with sweet and fleshy pulp, which perfectly complement vegetable salads and are suitable for harvesting in the winter.

Phytophthora-resistant tomato hybrids

The development of late blight on tomatoes directly depends on weather conditions. Phytophthora affects tomato bushes at high moisture levels - about 75-80%. Fortunately, varieties and hybrids resistant to this disease have been bred.

Early and Superearly Varieties

An important selection criterion is the ripening period of tomatoes. Many gardeners and vegetable growers prefer to grow fruitful, unpretentious, ultra-early varieties of tomatoes for open ground.

The best varieties for growing in Russia

Tomatoes appeared in Russia in the 18th century and still have not lost their relevance and popularity. Today, gardeners in our country know what types of tomatoes it is preferable to plant in a particular region of Russia.

Varieties of tomatoes for open ground (video)

For Moscow region

The Moscow region is very extensive, and climatic and weather conditions in different areas may have some peculiarities. Nevertheless, there are varieties and hybrid forms that work great both in the southern and northern suburbs.

For the Urals

The best tomatoes for the Urals are characterized by excellent resistance to possible frost even during the summer period, relative unpretentiousness, as well as stable regardless of the growing conditions of productivity.

For Siberia

As a rule, the cultivation conditions of tomatoes in this region are quite complex, which leads to increased requirements for the choice of variety or hybrid form. Plants should easily withstand late spring and early autumn frosts, as well as temperature differences during the growing season.

For Bashkiria

The climate of the republic of Bashkortostan is temperate continental, with a fairly warm summer period and snowy, very cold winters. Weather in the summer in this area is largely determined by the influence of air masses, and the choice of tomatoes should be approached very carefully.

How to grow tomatoes in open field

For growing tomatoes on a personal plot, you should choose the brightest place where plants can receive a sufficient amount of natural light and heat. The timing of planting in the ground can vary not only in different regions, but also in different regions of Russia.

When to plant seedlings

If gardeners in the southern regions can safely sow tomatoes directly into the soil, then when cultivated in the middle lane, it is preferable to use the seedling method of cultivation.

At the time of planting, the plants must have time to develop well, and their height can vary from 25 to 35 cm. Seeds of late varieties and hybrids are recommended to be sown on seedlings in mid-March. Mid-season can be sown two weeks later. After a couple of weeks, seeds of early ripe and early ripe tomatoes are sown.

How to care

Proper sowing provides seedlings within a week. In order for the seedlings to be suitable for planting and to turn out to be as strong as possible, it is necessary to carry out the following plant care:

  • Dive plants are recommended two weeks after emergence;
  • watering is carried out with warm water, under the root, while avoiding excessive moisture in the soil, and also avoid overdrying;
  • the temperature regime should be maintained at a level of 22-24 ° C, which will not allow the main stem to stretch until the moment of planting.

How to grow tomatoes (video)

Before planting seedlings, it is advisable to feed a couple of times with complex fertilizers, which are bred in accordance with the attached instructions.