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Potato "Revenge": one of the best varieties of multi-purpose


The mid-season and high-yielding variety of potatoes under the sonorous name of "Revenge" is in demand for multi-purpose use and is widely used both as table potatoes and in the manufacture of potato chips.

Morphological features

Description of the variety "Revenge" allows us to consider this potato as a large-fruited, productive, with decent taste. It can be safely attributed to the category of the best commercial varieties, favorably distinguished by the intensive formation of tasty and high-quality root crops. Bushes are formed very powerful and well developed.

Economic and biological characteristics

Potato "Revenge" forms very large root crops of a round-oval shape, with a smooth and relatively strong peel. Small eyes are located on the surface. The average weight of the root crop is at least 122 g. The pulp is light yellow in color; it does not darken during cleaning and cooking. Taste is very high. The variety has sufficient resistance to damage by a golden nematode.

The main value of “Revenge” potato is its excellent adaptability to rather difficult climatic conditions during cultivation. It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. Tubers are aligned and differ not only in excellent transportability, but also in storage duration.

Potato "Revenge": harvesting (video)

Potato farming

To get a good potato crop, a number of agricultural activities should be carried out:

  • In the spring, before planting, seed potatoes should be carefully sorted and all rotted or diseased tubers removed. The seed fraction of 3-7 cm in size is optimal for planting. Root crops with a size of more than 9 cm can be used for cutting.
  • Potatoes "Revenge" can be grown in several ways. A very effective method is the germination of tubers, Accelerating harvest for at least two weeks. Properly sprouted seed material has strong sprouts, the length of which does not exceed 3.5 cm. Experts recommend supplementing the pre-planting treatment of tubers with dusting with ordinary wood ash at the rate of 1 kilogram for every 50 kg of planting material. You can replace wood ash with one percent copper sulfate. Not only planting seed tubers is allowed - sowing by soaked and sticky seeds is very popular.

  • It should be borne in mind that regardless of the type of planting material, a high potato crop can be obtained only on well-fertilized soils. In recent years, a number of new organic fertilizers have appeared, which are related to the means of a new generation. One granule of such a product contains not only organic, but also mineral macrocells and microcomponents. Their use in the cultivation of potatoes allows for a long time to provide the vegetable culture with easily digestible forms of the basic nutrients necessary for growth and development.
  • Good predecessors for such a vegetable crop as potatoes are peas, beans, cabbage, table beets, cucumbers, salad crops, spinach and sorrel. The area allocated for planting potatoes should be well drained, the depth of the groundwater should be at least 40 cm from the surface. The depth of plowing for planting potatoes is 25-30 cm.
  • Potatoes need to be planted after the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm is set within ten degrees of heat. When cultivating this vegetable crop on heavy and loamy or clay soils, the depth of the tubers is 6.5-8.5 cm. When growing potatoes on light sandy or sandy loamy soils, the tubers are deepened by 10-12.5 cm. The deepest planting of potato tubers is 12-14.5 cm, produced in the southern and arid regions of cultivation.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Most often you can hear positive reviews about the high-yielding potato "Revenge". It is no coincidence that this particular variety was of interest to small farmers who cultivate potatoes for sale. The variety is also in demand in the industry, where it has been widely used in the manufacture of high-quality potato chips.

According to many potato growers, the variety is very large, high-yielding, with good taste. Potato varieties "Revenge" are very good at growing on soils not improved with manure, but with its substitute in the form of green green manure fertilizers. With this method of cultivation, the risk of plant damage by various pests and diseases is reduced, and the yield of this popular vegetable crop is also significantly increased.

How to grow potatoes (video)

Potato cultivars "Revenge", grown from seed, is fully consistent with the declared quality characteristics and gives a high yield of high-quality tubers.