Strawberry "Syria": characterization and cultivation of Italian highly productive varieties


Strawberry varieties "Syria" is quite popular among gardeners and gardeners and is one of the best varieties of average ripening time, bred by Italian breeders. Mid-season, universal, with excellent taste qualities, the Syria garden strawberry variety was bred in Cesena, on the fields of the Italian company New Fruits.

Description and characteristic

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, Syria have medium-sized berries. The standard average weight of marketable berries does not exceed 22-23 g. Berries of elongated, regular conical shape, with a relatively dense pulp and high rates of transportability. Taste good. The taste is sweet-sour, very intense. The performance indicators of the variety are very high. The berry is resistant to rains and the most common diseases.

The bushes are very powerful. Judging by the description of the originator, the variety is characterized by resistance to most fungal diseases, but there is susceptibility to bacterial diseases. Strawberry "Syria" is adapted for cultivation in continental climatic conditions.

Strawberry "Syria": features of the variety (video)

Landing Features

Strawberry Syria, or Syria, can be grown both from seeds and using ready-made seedlings. The landing site must meet the following requirements:

  • the site for strawberries or garden strawberries should be smooth and well-lit, without the presence of high-lying groundwater;
  • agronomists recommend that you refrain from growing garden strawberries in areas where strawberries and tomatoes and potatoes once grew;
  • the soil should have sufficient lightness and friability, as well as be breathable and sufficiently moist;

  • best for growing garden strawberries are slightly acidic soils, mainly sandy loamy and loamy soils that contain the optimal amount of nutrients and humus are suitable;
  • with insufficient fertility indicators, fertilizer is applied approximately two months before planting or a small amount of humus with wood ash is poured directly into the planting holes.

Optimal is a two-line landing. With insufficient seedlings, garden strawberries can be planted sparse in rows, after about 40-50 cm. When planting, the depth of the hole should correspond to the size of the root system of the plant, which will allow for proper placement and shorten the adaptation period.

Care Tips

Strawberry "Syria" refers to commercial varieties and needs high-quality, proper care throughout the growing season:

  • as an effective treatment of garden strawberries in the spring, you can use “Fitosporin”, “Tiovit Jet” or “Gupsin”;
  • watering is carried out with warm water (in the evening) and their volume and quantity depend on soil moisture indicators and the stage of plant development;
  • the best productivity is observed when using the drip irrigation system, which allows not only to apply a strictly metered amount of water, but also to feed with special liquid fertilizers;
  • if it is supposed to mulch strawberry ridges with manure, then before this procedure it is necessary to add mineral fertilizers at the rate of 15 g of ammonium sulfate and 40 g of superphosphate per square meter of plantings;
  • Strawberry ridges should be regularly cleaned of weeds, and the topsoil should be well loosened.

After fruiting, the strawberry plant builds up the vegetative mass necessary for laying the fruit buds, which are initialized in the fall and contribute to the formation of the crop for the next year. That is why in the autumn period it is necessary to fertilize strawberry bushes with complex fertilizers, and when cultivating in the northern regions, protect plants with spruce spruce branches or well-dried straw. A good effect is achieved by using agrofibre as a shelter for the winter period, which protects strawberry bushes not only from low temperatures, but also from early spring warming.

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How to plant strawberries (video)

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry variety “Syria” from the Italian selection forms the crop in the early stages and, according to gardeners, is very hardy and tasty. It tolerates storage and transportation. It is suitable for growing as a market berry, and also has the ability to be used both fresh and for processing. Initially, you need to be prepared for the fact that in the year of planting garden strawberries there will be few berries: about 2-3 berries will form on each strawberry bush or there will be none at all. The highest yields are recorded in the second year of cultivation.