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Spring cleaning in the country: lawn, garden, paths


Cleaning the summer cottage area in the spring involves preparing the cottage for the warm season. You will need to work with a garden, flowerbeds, garden, pay attention to the paths and other internal areas that need to be put in order after the winter.

Where to start cleaning a summer cottage? And, indeed, when you come to the cottage in early spring, you understand that everything is not very pretty. Black earth, heaps of half-decayed leaves, wind-broken tree branches in the garden, the remnants of snow after the winter slides, dirt on the tracks and sand that was sprinkled on ice. We all notice such moments, and it is they that will have to be fixed before the spring work in the country.

It’s worth starting with the most dirty work, so as not to leave them for later, when the paths and grounds, lawns and the yard will be cleaned.

Snow removal in spring

Winter fun in the country gives a lot of fun, but also leave a certain mark. For example, we built snow slides, labyrinths, snowmen, and from them remained large heaps of compressed snow, which can lie until the summer. To get rid of them, just break the heaps and scatter the snow in the beds. Thus, the snow not only melts, but also impregnates the soil with additional moisture, dissolves the fertilizers introduced in the spring.

Spring cleaning in the garden

Even if you spent enough time in the autumn to export and burn the leaves, they still remain - the remains of leaves from trees and shrubs, leaves from neighboring cottages, and so on. But there are also heaps that were not burned, but simply remained under the trees for decay and fertilizer. Few of them have become high-quality organics, and therefore leafy debris should be removed from the garden, since under their layer moisture remains much longer than necessary, and contributes to the development of infections and diseases, provides a favorable environment for wintering and development of insects.

By removing leaves in the garden in the spring, you refresh the soil, since at the same time you cultivate, help to dry it, get rid of various dangers, and establish aeration. Everything is simple here - a rake and a basket, taking out leaves outside the yard, drying for several days with turning over, and a large, smoky fire that will remove debris and burn all the pests that developed in the winter in a pressed layer.

Cleaning overgrown in the country

Young wild growth, which was formed from the main rhizomes of trees and shrubs, as well as from seeds and seeds of various fruits, not only spoils the general appearance and thickens the garden, but also draws juices from the ground that could benefit the main plants. Therefore, we remove it by all possible methods - sawing, cutting, weeding.

Immediately recommend taking a small cleaver or hatchet and remove the largest shoots in the garden, then use the glanders and carefully tear down the smaller one. The shoots can be removed with a rake, taken out of the yard with a basket or a large bedspread, and burned together with the already dried leaves.

Do not forget at the same time to burn all the tops from the garden, heaps of weeds that could remain in the fall or grow in the first warm days.

Lawn cleaning in the country

Lawns should be handled deliberately, because in wet weather it is advisable not to walk on them, and in very dry all garbage can already be braided by grass.

In general, it’s worth choosing the right moment, clearing the lawn of the old grass, take a rake and remove dry leaves, manually destroy the weeds that often appear on young green areas. In a week or two after the main cleaning, it will be possible to switch to standard lawn care - leveling, aeration, rolling, sowing and so on.

Cleaning tracks in the country

After the rough cleaning is over, the leaves and branches are taken out, and the dirty snow is wound up on the beds, you can sweep the tracks and collect all the sand and the rest of the salt. In addition, gently knock down pieces of soil that are likely to have dried out in some places. To do this, it is recommended to use a hard broom, but not glanders, a scraper or a shovel, which can easily spoil tiles, concrete and asphalt.

After cleaning the dirt, on a sunny and warm day, the tracks should be well washed out of the hose, finally cleaning them and eliminating possible dust in the future.

Perhaps this is what we will complete our today's reminder of cleanliness in the country. If we did not pay attention to any main cleaning point in the country, we ask you to make comments in the commentary on the article, thereby reminding summer residents of this, and showing participation in the life of the resource!