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Charlotte with plums - juicy and tasty


Mentioning such a dish as charlotte, most often they mean the classic version of the apple pie. These are just traditions, and skilled housewives love to break them. Charlotte recipes are not limited to this fruit. For example, as a filling, there may be pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, cherries, currants, and so on. Even an exotic banana will be perfectly combined to taste with a biscuit. Let us consider in more detail several recipes for charlotte with plums.

At the end of summer, juicy plums are plentiful, and the housewives make many dishes and preparations with them: compotes, preserves, ketchup, adjika. This juicy sweet and sour fruit is universal in application.

Before moving on to recipes, you need to pay attention to some important points:

  • You can smooth out the sour taste, having previously stood the slices of plum in sugar (15-20 minutes).
  • Excess juice will leave the fruit, if you pre-candied mass put in a colander and let drain - then the dough will retain an elastic consistency.
  • Some plum varieties may have a dense peel, so it is recommended to use only the flesh.
  • You can use frozen plums. It must first be thawed and allowed to drain excess moisture.
  • The size of the sliced ​​pieces for charlotte is half or quarter. Strongly grind is not worth it.

Let's move on to the recipes.

Charlotte with plums in 10 minutes

  • 5 eggs;
  • vegetable or butter for mold processing;
  • 250 grams of flour;
  • 250 grams of sugar.

  1. Beat sugar with eggs until a stable foam is formed.
  2. Slowly stir in a glass of flour.
  3. The quality of the test will be better if the whites and yolks are whipped separately from each other. A little more than half a glass of sugar is added to the proteins and beat thoroughly. The remaining sugar is ground with yolks, you can beat with a mixer: this way it will dissolve better. Then everything is mixed until smooth and the remaining components are added.
  4. Pour the dough into a greased baking dish and spread the plums evenly.
  5. In a preheated oven to 160-180 degrees, put the cake and bake for about 15-20 minutes. The degree of baked charlotte can be determined by making a puncture with a wooden stick. If there is no dough left on it, the pie is ready. We take out of the form after complete cooling.

Charlotte with caramel plums

For filling:

  • 50 grams of butter;
  • 500 grams of plums;
  • 150 grams of sugar.

For the test:

  • 250 grams of flour;
  • 0.5 cups of milk (approximately 100 ml);
  • 150 grams of sugar;
  • baking powder dough (about 10 grams);
  • 3 eggs;
  • vanillin or vanilla sugar (to taste).

  1. First, the dough is prepared: the eggs are beaten with sugar, a little milk and flour are added. Then baking powder and vanillin. Everything is mixed to a homogeneous consistency.
  2. The filling is made in a metal mold or a frying pan with a removable handle. Butter should be melted and the bottom should be filled with sugar evenly - stirring to simmer over low heat until the sugar darkens.
  3. We lay the plums in caramel and gently fill the dough so as not to disturb the layer of plums. Charlotte according to this recipe is baked for about 25-35 minutes. Then cool and gently separate the edges from the form.
  4. For a minute we put the form on a low fire so that the caramel melts and separates well.
  5. When laying on a dish, plums in caramel will be on top of the pie - you can decorate with powdered sugar.

Charlotte with plums in a slow cooker

No wonder multicookers are widely popular among housewives - they can quickly prepare a lot of dishes in them without hassle. And most importantly, biscuits in it are evenly baked.

This recipe is suitable even for those who are not very "friends" with the test. If in doubt, use the recipes that came with the multicooker.

  • 250 grams of flour;
  • 300 grams of plums;
  • 250 grams of sugar;
  • 1/3 cup corn starch;
  • 5 medium-sized eggs (if large, 4 possible);
  • vanillin or vanilla sugar can be added to taste.
  1. Separate the yolks from the proteins and beat with sugar (half a glass of sugar into proteins, the rest is whipped with the yolks).
  2. Beat squirrels thoroughly so that they confidently keep their shape.
  3. Mix the resulting carefully, add in small portions flour, starch and vanillin. After the mass has become homogeneous, pour half into the greased form and spread the plums.
  4. Add the rest of the dough and smooth the surface with a spoon.
  5. In the "baking" mode, the plum charlotte will be ready in 35-40 minutes. Cool and can be served, decorated with icing sugar and slices of ice cream “ice cream”.

Charlotte with plums in a slow cooker (video)

Plum Charlotte with Cinnamon and Apples

  • 200 grams of apples;
  • 250 grams of sugar;
  • 200 grams of plums;
  • 7 eggs;
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt;
  • 30 grams of butter;
  • ¼ teaspoon of soda;
  • 250 grams of flour;
  • cinnamon - 10 grams (about 2 teaspoons).

  1. Beat yolks and whites separately from each other, dividing sugar between them in approximately half. Beat whites with salt.
  2. Combine the whipped masses, mix and add soda and flour. The dough should be homogeneous without lumps.
  3. It is desirable to separate apples and plums from the peel. Slice into slices.
  4. Grease the baking dish with butter. Sprinkle the bottom and walls with flour or breadcrumbs. Put apples, plums and the remaining butter (cut into small pieces), sprinkle with cinnamon.
  5. Pour the fruit filling with dough and evenly distribute the dough. Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Check the readiness of the cake with a wooden speck, let the charlotte cool and put on a dish.

Raisin and Ginger Plum Charlotte

The composition of the test is standard:

  • eggs - 5 pieces;
  • wheat flour - 250 grams;
  • sugar - 250 grams.

For filling:

  • 300 grams of plums;
  • 100 grams of pitted raisins;
  • ¼ teaspoon of ginger;
  • vanillin to taste.

  1. Beat eggs, gradually adding sugar, flour, vanillin and ginger.
  2. Divide the plums into halves, spread evenly into a greased mold, and fill with dough on top. Sprinkle with raisins on top. Place in preheated oven. Bake for about half an hour.

Charlotte recipes are a great many. Even its version with plums can be prepared in at least five ways, which are described in detail above. Feel free to experiment with spices and herbs, each new pie will not be like the previous one.

Therefore, this dish will decorate the festive table more than once and “sweeten” everyday life.