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Ariston water heater: operation features and DIY repair


The water heater "Ariston" is designed according to the latest technologies, has not only a high-quality water tank, but also good technical characteristics. The main advantages of such a boiler are represented by durability and reliability, intuitive controls and convenient operation. Each device is necessarily supplemented by a detailed instruction manual, which allows you to not only install and connect a water heater yourself, but also perform simple repairs with your own hands.

Ariston electric water heater: technical characteristics of boilers for 50, 80 and 100 liters

Ariston produces more than seventy models of storage water heaters with a capacity of 10-200 liters. A storage electric water heater is represented by several models, among which the 50.80 and 100 liter series are especially popular.

Ariston Velis - water heaters with remote control and double power, having a flat shape and replaceable color displays have proven themselves very well.

Ariston water heater: installation (video)

Gas boiler Ariston

The cost of gas equipment depends on the principle of the hot water device and its type. Each boiler is designed in the same way, but it also has some features:

  • DGI water heaters possess electronic ignition and manual regulation of power indicators. Characteristic is natural removal. Gas water heater has a laconic rectangular shape;
  • Fast-cf does not need additional power supply, and copper is used for the manufacture of the heat exchanger, which can significantly reduce heat loss;
  • Marco-polog7s It features a closed combustion chamber, which provides additional operational safety. There is a touch display and modern design, which makes the model the most popular with consumers;
  • Marco-Polo M2 is a model with an open combustion chamber and a fan for smoke removal. There is a pair of protection levels of the device that prevents overheating and guarantee high safety indicators, as well as a long operational period.

Before installing the device, you need to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of the Ariston water heater, as well as study the instructions with detailed instructions on the individual characteristics of the installation.

Ariston boiler: device and principle of operation

The manufacturer uses proprietary corrosion protection. Absolutely all budget models are equipped with a mechanical regulator, and each expensive water heater is equipped with a digital control unit. Inside the water heater, an internal temperature controller works, which allows you to optimize heating. The device and the principle of operation of such equipment are as follows:

  • an internal tank or boiler designed to receive cold water and framed by an external casing.
  • built-in heater designed to heat the incoming water;
  • a heat-insulating layer located between the body of the water heater and the boiler, performing the function of a kind of thermos and allowing for a long time to maintain the temperature parameters of heated water;
  • a shortened nozzle equipped with a divider for water supply;
  • outlet pipe;
  • built-in magnesium anode, which helps prevent severe sedimentation in the form of mineral salts on the walls of the inner surface of the tank.
  • a temperature regulator designed to automatically interrupt the power circuit after heating the liquid to the specified temperature values.

Monitoring the operation of water-heating equipment is carried out by means of a voltage indicator, and using the built-in thermometer, you can track changes in temperature indicators.

Instructions for use of water heaters Ariston

Convenient connection of water-heating equipment from the Ariston company consists in the use of manufacturers of special autoclave flange mechanisms. The basic principle of this mechanism is based on pressing the gasket under the influence of water pressure. As a result, it is possible to completely eliminate not only fluid leakage, but also the formation of watery smudges. To avoid excessive heat loss, the fixing of the electric models of the water heater from Ariston is carried out in close proximity to the outlet point.

Ariston water heater review (video)

To install wall-mounted models, the equipment is fixed using anchors or bolts. The optimal standard fastener diameter should be 10 mm or more.. The installation of stolitrovye hot water tanks has some features. In this case, the mount must necessarily occur with fixation on the other side of the wall. It is for this reason that experts recommend installing water heaters before starting the main finishing work.

Important to remember, that when connecting different types of metals, it is mandatory to use dielectric adapters, through which compensate for differences in the degree of expansion of materials differing in parameters. It is necessary to connect the input using a standard valve, and a pipe is installed on the output. At the final stage, the installed water heater must be turned on and the connection correct, the absence of leaks and operability checked.

In the process of operating water heaters manufactured by Ariston, complexity does not arise, but it is necessary to take into account some rules that affect the durability of the device and its performance. Preventive measures are periodically carried out, including inspecting the internal parts of the equipment, descaling, and replacing the ten that has become unusable. The average operating time of all mechanisms of a particular model can be found in the manufacturer's instructions. Must remember that timely replacement of the anode allows you to extend the service life of the hot-water mechanism. In accordance with the recommendation of professionals, it is not advisable to set the thermostat to the maximum level of heating.

If you set the temperature limit to about 10aboutWith below maximum values, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of electrical energy, as well as save resources of equipment parts. It is important to remember that you can only disassemble the device only as a last resort. Do-it-yourself repair work will result in the exclusion of the opportunity to exercise the right to warranty repairs.

DIY Ariston boiler repair

Repair work related to the elimination of breakdowns in gas appliances requires the involvement of qualified specialists, and the repair of an electric boiler can be performed independently.

Major mechanical failures are most often manifested by leaking tanksfrom which water begins to ooze or drip during operation. The cause of such a malfunction may be corrosion in the weld areas or a malfunction of the reverse valve protection system, which triggers and performs an emergency reset. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate the excessive pressure level of water and air by means of a reducer. Any depressurization of the storage tank will require the purchase of a new tank. If such a defect is insignificant, it is sufficient to replace the gasket.

A fairly inexpensive exercise is the independent replacement of some electrical parts, including a heater, a bimetallic temperature controller, sensors or switches. During prolonged heating, noise or hissing, as well as in the case of operation of the ABS shutdown protection, it is necessary to replace the heater, the average service life of which exceeds five years. Replacement is carried out after switching off the device, draining the water and removing the flange.

It is very important to systematically check the magnesium anode, which is a consumable material and is designed to effectively protect the inner surface of the tank and heating element from corrosion changes. When the anode is thinned by ½ of the original volume, a mandatory replacement is carried out. The heating element is able to last much longer if the so-called "dry" heater is installed in the structure.

Repair of a water heater Ariston (video)

Well-established manufacturer in the market of water heating equipment, the manufacturer Ariston has long been a leader and offers the consumer only high-quality and very reliable products in a wide range. And the presence of the largest network of service centers in many cities of our country allows you to easily receive qualified assistance, both in repair work and in the maintenance of hot water equipment.