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Mushroom whitewash: description, useful properties, cooking options


Experienced lovers of quiet hunting are well versed in several dozen different types of edible and conditionally edible mushrooms, including varieties of milkers. The white mushroom is known to domestic mushroom pickers as the white throat (Lactarius pubescens). It belongs to the very extensive and widespread on the territory of our country genus of lactarius or Lactarius and the family of russula mushrooms or Russulaceae.

Description and characteristic

Mushroom whitefish belongs, according to established criteria, to conditionally edible mushrooms and characterized by the following description of appearance:

  • the diameter of the cap of an adult mushroom can vary between 40-80 mm;
  • at the initial stage of development, the hat has a convex shape;
  • more adult specimens are distinguished by the open or funnel-shaped form of the cap with characteristic curled edges, as well as a depression in the central part;
  • the surface of the cap is white, with a slight darkening in the central part;
  • pronounced concentric zones on the surface of the cap are absent;
  • the hat has a thick pubescence, and in the rainy season it can be mucous;
  • plates of an adherent type or have a weak descent, often located, narrow, white staining;
  • a leg with a height of not more than 40 mm, a diameter of up to 20 mm, a cylindrical shape with a narrowing at the very base;
  • the surface of the leg may be smooth or have slight pubescence;
  • in adult specimens, the leg is hollow, monophonic staining with a hat;
  • dense flesh of white color, quite fragile, has a weak mushroom aroma;
  • abundant discharge of white, milky, caustic juice, which under the influence of air does not change the color, is characteristic.

Older instances of Lactarius pubescens have a smooth cap surface and acquire a fairly pronounced yellowish coloration. Such fruiting bodies are not suitable for food.

Chemical composition and benefits

The pulp of the white trefoil contains a significant amount of B vitamins, as well as vitamin A and ascorbic acid. The indisputable advantage of this forest mushroom is a beneficial effect on vision, as well as improving the condition of hair and skin. The total calorie content of white waves is not more than 21-23 kcal per 100 g of pulp, so dishes from the fruit bodies of this lactarius can be consumed even with a tendency to overweight. The amino acids contained in the mushroom pulp are easily absorbed by the human body.

However, it is important to remember that the use of white mushroom should be discarded in the presence of chronic diseases such as pancreatitis and cholecystitis. It is not recommended to use dishes with a white trefoil in the presence of diseases accompanied by a decrease in the acidity level of gastric juice.

White waves are traditionally used in our country exclusively for pickling, and people say about this kind of edible lactarius: "The whitewash is a mushroom noblewoman."

Mushroom whitefish: description (video)

Distribution area

White whitewash is quite widespread in many regions of our country. As a rule, the formation of mycorrhiza with birch trees is typical of this fungus, therefore, most often Lactarius pubescens is found on the edges of birch groves. It grows somewhat less frequently in coniferous-birch young trees.

The mycelium forms a significant number of fruiting bodies; therefore, Lactarius pubescens is characterized by growth in fairly large groups. Peak fruiting occurs in the last summer month and the first decade of September. The main difference between the whitewash and other white staining mucosas is pubescence on the hat.

Cooking methods

Many novice mushroom pickers refuse to collect whitefish, which is due to the rather mediocre taste of the mushroom with improper preparation. The lack of proper pre-treatment of the fruiting bodies can provoke severe irritation of the oral mucosa, and also often causes nausea, vomiting, and impaired digestive system functions.

To get not only tasty, but also the most useful mushroom dish, whites should be subjected to mandatory primary processing:

  • collected fruiting bodies must be carefully cleaned of forest debris and contaminants in the form of particles of soil;
  • the content of caustic juice in mushroom pulp presupposes the obligatory process of soaking peeled mushrooms;
  • soak the fruiting bodies for at least 48 hours, periodically changing the water;
  • immediately after soaking the mushrooms should be washed under running water.

Despite the fact that most often threesomes prefer to salt and pickle for the winter, there are several recipes for their preparation immediately after soaking. You can enjoy the taste of these mushrooms in soups, as well as whites are good in fried, boiled and stewed.

Belyanka in batter

A kilogram of mushrooms will require a tablespoon of salt, a liter of water, a little flour, garlic and dill to taste, butter for frying.


  • boil the peeled and past primary mushrooms in salted water until half ready;
  • add any spices or seasonings to the broth and boil the mushrooms for about a quarter of an hour, periodically removing the foam;
  • strain the mushrooms, cool a little and, dipping in flour, fry until golden brown.

This tasty and healthy dish is recommended to be served with boiled potatoes.

White soup

For 0.3 kg of mushrooms, you should take the onion, one medium-sized carrot, a bunch of greens, a small amount of vegetable oil, a couple of liters of vegetable broth.


  • pre-prepared fruiting bodies pour boiling water for about a quarter of an hour;
  • rinse with running water and chop relatively finely;
  • cut onion into rings and carrots into cubes, then fry in a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • add mushrooms to sauteed vegetables and fry over medium heat for a quarter of an hour;
  • pour the broth into the pan and bring to a boil;
  • cut potatoes into cubes and pour into the broth;
  • add the fried mushrooms with vegetables and boil for five minutes.

When serving, it is recommended to add sour cream and finely chopped fresh herbs to the soup.

How to pickle a white mushroom: recipe (video)