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Homemade recipes for zucchini and cherry plum preparations


Zucchini is so unique and versatile vegetables that are suitable for pickling and cooking jam. Canned zucchini with cherry plum in sugar syrup is not inferior to canned pineapples in taste, they are successfully used as a filling for pies and cakes.

Zucchini with yellow cherry plum in sugar syrup

This is one of the most common ways to preserve squash with cherry plum. This recipe does not take much time and does not require sterilization.

List of required products per liter can:

  • thin young zucchini;
  • ripe fruits of yellow cherry plum;
  • white sugar - two hundred and fifty grams;
  • pure cold water - four hundred milligrams;
  • juice of half a lemon or a pinch of lemon salt.

Preservation Method:

  1. Rinse the fruits of young zucchini, wipe dry, cut into two halves and completely remove the seeds. Cut the fruits of zucchini into small cubes.
  2. Rinse cherry plum fruits under running water and choose seeds.
  3. To prepare the syrup, pour sugar into the pan, pour clean water, and put the syrup to boil on low heat.
  4. While the syrup is being boiled, fill the dry sterilized liter jars with slices of zucchini and halves of cherry plum, alternating with layers. Jars should be filled with fruits a little more than half.
  5. Hot boiling sugar syrup pour zucchini with cherry plum, cover with sterile metal covers and wrap it with a thick towel or warm blanket. Jars with zucchini should cool completely.
  6. Drain the cooled sugar syrup back into the saucepan, pour in fresh juice from the lemon or pour a pinch of citric acid and boil again. As soon as the syrup boils, pour them in cans, and immediately roll up. Leave the cans with cherry plum and zucchini to cool overnight.

It is advisable to open such preservation not earlier than in a month, so that zucchini and cherry plum are completely saturated with sugar syrup.

Sweet stewed fruit of cherry plum and zucchini with pineapple flavor

Sweet and aromatic compotes are also prepared from the fruits of zucchini and cherry plum. Compote is obtained with the taste of pineapple, and none of the guests will guess what it is made from.

List of required products for a three-liter jar:

  • young zucchini (it is better to take the fruits of golden - orange color);
  • ripe fruits of yellow cherry plum;
  • white sugar - two hundred fifty-three hundred grams;
  • pure cold water - about two liters.

Preservation Method:

  1. Wash the fruits of young zucchini, peel them and cut into thin slices or small cubes.
  2. Sort yellow cherry plum from damaged fruits, rinse under running water. Bones can be left.
  3. In clean, pre-sterilized jars put the zucchini and cherry plum, observing the following proportion: for three parts of zucchini take one part of cherry plum. Banks half full.
  4. Pour cold water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Pour cans of cherry plum and zucchini with boiling water, and allow to cool completely.
  5. Combine chilled water drained from cans with sugar and boil again. Pour jars with hot syrup, cover with sterilized lids, and pasteurize in the oven for an hour and a half.
  6. After pasteurization, carefully roll up the cans with compote, and leave them until they cool.

Compote for this recipe is very sweet and fragrant.

Zucchini, canned with red cherry plum

Not only yellow cherry plum is used for conservation, the fruits of red cherry plum also go well with zucchini, and give the workpieces a beautiful ruby ​​red color.

List of required products per liter jar:

  • fruits of young zucchini;
  • fruits of red cherry plum;
  • white sugar - one hundred and fifty grams;
  • pure cold water - three hundred and four hundred milligrams;
  • vanilla sugar - one sachet.

Preservation Method:

  1. Wash the fruits of young zucchini, peel them, and cut into circles, one centimeter thick. For greater resemblance to pineapples, you can cut the core of zucchini.
  2. Wash the red cherry plum, divide into two rugs and select the bones.
  3. Bring the water to a boil, boil for several minutes.
  4. In prepared sterile liter jars put the zucchini rings and red cherry plum, and pour boiling water on it. Allow the banks to cool completely, drain the water, boil again, pour into the banks and leave to cool.
  5. Drain the cooled water into the pan, add regular and vanilla sugar, and boil again. Pour zucchini with cherry plum with sweet hot syrup and immediately roll up with sterile metal lids.

Red cherry plum is sweeter than yellow, so this recipe does not need a lot of sugar. Vanilla will give canned zucchini and cherry plum a sophisticated and unique flavor.

Jam and zucchini and cherry plum with orange zest

Zucchini is also used to make jams, jams and jellies. And cherry plum and orange peel will give such a blank an interesting and original taste.

List of required products:

  • young fruits of zucchini (best of all white varieties) - two kilograms;
  • ripe fruits of yellow cherry plum - one kilogram;
  • white sugar - two or two and a half kilograms;
  • finely grated zest with two or three oranges;
  • clear cold water;
  • fresh juice from one lemon or half a teaspoon of citric acid.

Preservation Method:

  1. Rinse zucchini and cherry plum thoroughly. Cut the peeled fruits of zucchini into small cubes or small slices. Remove seeds from cherry plum and cut into cubes, preferably the same size as zucchini.
  2. Combine water and granulated sugar in a saucepan, stir and simmer over low heat.
  3. Pour the cubes of zucchini and cherry plum into the pan, pour the cooled syrup and cook over low heat for about thirty minutes. Remove the jam from the stove and chill. Repeat this procedure again.
  4. Put jam for the third time, add grated orange peel and lemon juice, and cook until it begins to thicken.
  5. Pour the finished hot jam into prepared sterile jars (half liter) and carefully boiled lids.

Together with the orange zest, you can add finely chopped and peeled slices of orange to the jam.

Spicy canned squash with cherry plum

Zucchini with cherry plum can be made not only sweet. They are also pickled and served as an addition to meat dishes.

List of required products per liter jar:

  • the fruits of young thin zucchini (preferably zucchini);
  • ripe fruits of yellow cherry plum - five to six pieces;
  • pure cold water four hundred milligrams;
  • cloves of garlic - two to three pieces;
  • table salt - three tablespoons;
  • sugar - two teaspoons;
  • clove buds - two or three things.

Preservation Method:

  1. Wash the zucchini and, without peeling, cut into thin round slices.
  2. Wash the cherry plum, don’t take out the bones.
  3. In dry sterile jars put slices of zucchini, garlic, cherry plum and clove buds.
  4. To prepare the marinade, combine the water with sugar and salt in a saucepan, stir, and boil over low heat.
  5. Pour hot boiling zucchini with cherry plum, cover with sterile lids and allow to cool. Drain the cooled marinade back into the saucepan, boil again and pour again into jars. Repeat this procedure a third time.
  6. After the marinade was poured into cans for the third time, and roll them up with sterile iron lids.

For piquancy, you can add mustard seeds and ground coriander to this preservation.

Zucchini with cherry plum: homemade pineapples


Canned zucchini with cherry plum is simple and affordable to prepare. And even when preserving them, unlimited scope for experiments is possible, because you can add various spices and seasonings to the blanks each time, which will help to make the aroma and taste of preservation original and unique.