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Edible, Inedible and Poisonous Autumn Mushrooms


Fans of "quiet" hunting and people who are partial to mushroom dishes can pick mushrooms from early spring until the last days of November. Nevertheless, it is in late autumn that a large and rich selection of mushrooms appears, among which are not only edible and useful species, but also poisonous varieties.

Names of Autumnal Edible Mushrooms

Even on a gray and cloudy day, the autumn forest is not only beautiful, but also incredibly generous. In the autumn, a walk in the forest is very calming and pacifying, and picking berries and mushrooms is simply incredible.

However, it is very important to know the names of edible species of mushrooms and to consider which of them grow in the autumn period.

Poisonous and inedible species of autumn mushrooms

Autumn is a golden time for mushroom pickers, but it was at this time that not only edible species appeared on a massive scale, but also poisonous or inedible species, among which it was especially common.

Edible Mushrooms: picking in the fall (video)

What are mushroom layers

Layers are usually called the time period during which the mycelium or mycelium of certain types of mushrooms is activated, and fruiting bodies are massively formed. Usually, during the mushroom season, three such layers are formed.

Mushroom picker rules

It is in the fall that the most abundant and richest crop of both lamellar and tubular mushrooms appears, when collecting which it is necessary to observe some recommendations and rules:

  • you can not try the fruiting bodies of unfamiliar species of mushrooms both raw and after heat treatment;
  • do not collect old or overripe fruiting bodies;
  • too small, only forming fruiting bodies of edible mushrooms are very easy to confuse with poisonous and inedible species;
  • do not pick mushrooms covered with a layer of mold;

  • you cannot pick mushrooms near industrial facilities and highways;
  • Do not eat mushroom dishes for preschool children and people with kidney and gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • clothes for going to the forest for mushrooms should be as closed as possible, comfortable and as bright as possible;
  • repellents are allowed, which will reduce the risk of attack by insects and ticks;
  • after collecting the mushrooms, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of exposed areas of the body for ticks.

How to recognize poisonous mushrooms (video)

And finally, the most important rule: under no circumstances should you put unfamiliar or suspicious mushrooms in the basket.