Spathiphyllum: the whole truth about female happiness


Spathiphyllum, or "female happiness," is an unpretentious indoor flower with a rich history. The name of the genus comes from the Greek "spatha" ("bedspread") and "phyllon" ("leaves"), which corresponds to the description of the appearance of the bedspread, which turns green as the houseplant fades. There are many signs and superstitions associated with this plant.

Feature and Features

Spathiphyllum or spathiphyllum, from the Latin Spathiphyllum, is a plant from the genus of perennial evergreens of the Aroid or Araceae family. Perennial, unpretentious and evergreen plant is represented by terrestrial crops. However Epiphytes and chemiepiphytes are also found in the family.

The Spathiphyllum plant has a short rhizome and is characterized by the absence of a stem part. Root leaves, formed into a bunch, grow directly from the soil. The shape of the leaves can be different and depends on varietal characteristics. The leaves are whole, with a distinctly distinct midrib. The inflorescence is represented by an ears with a blanket near the base. The bedspread has an oblong-elliptical shape.

Signs and superstitions

Superstitions and omens associated with houseplants have been known for a very long time. If anthurium is known in indoor floriculture under the name "male happiness", then the spathiphyllum is nicknamed S.

One of the most common signs relating to a house flower called spathiphyllum refers to the moment a plant appears in the house. A room flower for women should be given exclusively to men, which will maximize the effectiveness of revealing all the characteristics and properties that are attributed to this decorative plant. The reason for such a gift can be both a birthday, International Women's Day or just a romantic date. You can keep at home a plant donated by a woman. In this case, it is necessary to give the donor for Spathiphyllum a purely symbolic amount in the form of any coin.

Spathiphyllum: care and reproduction (video)

The legend about spathiphyllum is well known, according to which he is able to give a woman not only attractiveness, but also unusual charm. Indoor decorative plant can very beneficially affect the mood and emotional state of women. The presence of spathiphyllum in the house allows you to attract happiness and prosperity to your home. There is also a sign according to which the flowering of spathiphyllum means that in a family you can soon expect such a joyful event as the birth of children.

In appearance, spathiphyllum is very similar to an indoor flower anthurium. Ornamental plants are very similar, only leaves vary slightly. Also, plants have different flowers: large flowers of spathiphyllum are characterized by white staining and the presence of an oblong core, the flowers of anthurium are bright red or raspberry.

Many flower growers are afraid of the common sign that the spathiphyllum is called the “husbandin”. Belief says that if this indoor flower has blossomed, then it acquires an effect that repels and repels men. Nevertheless, the plant blooms very beautifully, and the sign usually does not find its confirmation in life. The presence of both spathiphyllum and anthurium in the house is very good for the aura.

Is it possible to keep at home

Spathiphyllum has been a favorite indoor flower of unmarried girls and women for many years. It serves as a kind of talisman: flower growers believe that a houseplant helps to preserve not only the family hearth, but also personal happiness.

So that the Spathiphyllum plant feels comfortable and pleases with plentiful, long flowering, It is necessary to observe the rules for maintaining indoor culture in the house:

  • the plant needs diffused or artificial lighting;
  • the flower grows and develops correctly at a certain temperature regime, which should be 18-24 ° C in the spring and summer, approximately 16-18 ° C in the winter and late autumn;
  • it is very important to moisten the soil in the flower pot well by pouring the settled water at room temperature into the pan;
  • fertilizers for flowering plants must be applied once a month;
  • It is recommended to spray the aerial parts of the houseplant with warm water, avoiding moisture from buds or open flowers.

The appearance of brown spots on the foliage is the result of excessive application of nutrient components. Yellowing or drying of the edges of the leaves of Spathiphyllum is evidence of improper irrigation measures. Correct cultivation technology will make it possible to perform with the help of spathiphyllum beautiful decorative design of both a residential building and any other premises.

If the plant does not bloom

Spathiphyllum is a plant responsive to care and attention. The genus has about forty species, of these, in urban flats, the most often growers grow spathiphyllum, abundantly flowering, with a height of not more than 0.5-0.6 m and Walis spathiphyllum, with a height of up to 0.35 m.

How to transplant spathiphyllum (video)

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, "Spatik" has a positive energy that has a beneficial effect on people, especially the beautiful half of humanity. Receiving this houseplant as a gift is considered a good omen, but in order for the magic to work, the flower talisman needs to provide comfortable conditions. Exceptionally blossoming "arbiter of fate" is able to bring good luck and happiness. Remember that you can’t overdo the plant. In order for Spathiphyllum to bring happiness to the house, it is necessary to strongly believe in its magic, and also be sure to surround the indoor flower with care and love.